50 + Living

If you're already retired or planning to in the next few years we have a great informational seminar just for you! Most people we meet are missing at least one piece of the puzzle, whether it be Medicare, Taxes, or Estate Planning or something else, we're here to unravel the confusion of planning and maintaining your current lifestyle. This is not just for Senior Citizens. We designed this program originally to communicate across the dizzying array of people you work with, bring down the silos of professional services, and help you with an integrated plan with all your providers as well as some you may be missing. The SRES Designation is a recent development that we decided to integrate into this program. This is a unique seminar that discusses many facets of your life now and in the future.

In 2010:

  • More than one-third of the U.S. population reached age 50.
  • 17 million baby boomers (20 percent) were age 60 or older.
  • Generation X moved into middle age and began knocking on the door of age 50.
  • Boomers aren’t moving – if they do they lease more often
  • 2018 REALTOR Expo -2018 Housing market forecast
    • Millennials leaving the nest & the state “getting a life”
    • Lifestyle & Options Seminar


Held Monthly


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Santa Teresa Branch Library

290 International Cir, San Jose, CA 95119


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Free Report- sign up for the seminar to receive:

"7 out of 10 Adults Have Difficulty Talking to Their Parents About Money and Life "


Options Seminar Includes:

• Knowing You

• Being Prepared

• Age in Place, Independent Living, and Other Options

• Is It Time to Make a Transition?

• Financing Options

• Tax Matters

• Props 60, 90,13,

• Capital Gains

• Legal Matters

• Life Estates and Trusts

• Building a checklist and finding dependable professionals.


All who attend will receive a free Continuum Plan Checklist!

Make a Continuum Plan

• Know what to do now

• Your Plan for the Future

• Contingencies

• Emergency Plan

• Abuse, Scam Preparedness

• Health Care

• Documents

• More



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When you have a plan, you’re ready and you can rest easy. Just like have an emergency plan for earthquakes, fires etc. you need a thoughtful, integrated plan that takes care of virtually every contingency.


Aging in Place

Do you have your PLAN in place?



Your questions answered here. If you're an aging adult, we're going through every question you could possibly have and answering them with research, professional advice, and videos. Below is a list of blogs that can help you get started. 

Be on the lookout for our in-person seminars that will walk you through, Living options, Taxes, Financials, health, insurance, legal and more!

Receive a free Continuum Plan Checklist

Veterans Seminar Now available




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Aging Parent?

Don’t know where to start the conversation?


Free Report- sign up for the seminar to receive:

"7 out of 10 Adults Have Difficulty Talking to Their Parents About Money and Life "

Where to start… Mom, Dad, We need to talk…

Aging Parent? Don’t know where to start the conversation?

Is your aging parent eligible for Medicare?

All these questions answered an more! 

Talk to Elderly Parents About the Future:

Step 1 - Set the TEMPO

Children of Aging Parents: Step 2 - Become a Partner NOT their Parent

Step 3 - Become a Detective: Investigate Senior Issues and Avoid Assumptions

Step 4 - Research Senior Options for Your Parents: Do Your Homework Before Any Decisions

Step 5 - Invent New Solutions for Elderly Issues and Dealing With Parents

Disclaimer- We do not furnish other professional services with your information, we do not sell nor do we refer you to other professional services for money. The intent of this free seminar is to share our experiences and knowledge with you so that you can learn from our knowledge, avoid mistakes others as well as ourselves have made, or answer questions you may have about other services. We also expect you to help share your experiences so that we may learn from you. We do not offer legal, accounting, Investment. Insurance, tax, or other professional advice outside real estate sales.  We do not offer investment opportunities or timeshares. Our hope is that you appreciate and have learned enough here that you think of us when it does come time to buy or sell your home.